Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What To Know About Debt Collection in Singapore

Sometimes, business finds itself in difficulties when it comes to collecting debts. Every business face such kind of consequences whenever their customers unable to pay their payments that they have owed. If you are one of those an entrepreneur dealing with such problems, you can always consider support from a collection agency.

For those who do not know - Debt collection firm is a firm that is hired by a creditor to recover overdue debts. Business owners usually urge to take this step when they are not able to deal with their customers to recover their money. Usually, hiring a debt collection agency is the last resort that a company usually takes, but comparing to its benefits, I believe, this should be the first resort that every business must consider to deal with debt recover hassles.

Below are the brief details about the advantages of having a collection agency. Please follow the through the reading and find out what important roles that a debt collection company plays in an organization!

Benefits of using debt collection service 

1. You can save on resources and money
This is completely redundant to allocate the debt recovery task to the staff members. Outsourcing the job or hiring a debt collection agency in Singapore is what only can save a lot of time and can make an effort fruitful. This is the reason why hiring the debt collection firm is always a good idea for an organization than keeping your employees doing so!

2. It will help you to keep focused on your business 
Of course, a debt collection company is really responsible for giving a business a complete focus on their work. A collection agency takes all the responsibility of everything and leaves the business to focus on their real work only!
Employing a debt collection agency in Singapore to recover payments is the most effective strategy for every startup business and is the most common form of the Recovery process that every business should consider to give more priority to work than the hassles.

3. You will recover debt sooner 
Debt collection is not an easy job and it takes time. But if you are taking support from a collection agency then chances are high that will get your payments very quickly. The key to successful debt recovery process depends on how you approach your customers, if you can succeed on that, you can easily then recover your payments, which is what a debt collection agency better understand.

4. They are cost effective
If a business carries out its own debt collection, it must remove staff from their existing jobs so they may be deployed chasing up the outstanding debts, unless of course, additional staff are specifically employed to carry out this function. In either event, it is not really cost-effective for the business to do this, since the first option would mean existing staff are unable to undertake the jobs for which they were originally employed, whilst the second option, will place additional expenses on the business.

5. They restore your valued customers
Debt collection can be very challenging and involves a lot more than just issuing a few letters to wayward debtors. If handled incorrectly, the business could lose not only money but valued customers and credibility and, in extreme instances, could find itself at loggerheads with the law.

Criteria in choosing the best collection agency in Singapore.

In a business, the ideal setup is that an owner sells his products or services and the customer pays for it within a specified period of time. Usually, a one-off payment is expected. However, if the total amount is quite steep, some business owners do provide an alternative payment option, with the total cost usually divided into several installments (with or without the addition of interest) to be paid over an extended time period. Sometimes people tend to delay in paying the debts and here is where debt collection services Singapore are here to help.

Here are the following criteria you should look out for in a reliable debt collection agency:

1. Experience
If they've been doing this business for many years and have survived up to now, you more or less get the idea that they know what they are doing and are actually good enough for clients to keep subscribing to their services. When the company profile shows that they are a legal entity and there are more than a few happy clients who confirm their competence through reviews, then trust that they are able to make you happy, too. Check this site for a more detailed look at a particular debt collection agency.

2. Punctuality and Speedy Service
Because time is of the essence--the uncollected debt may be used towards payment of an overdue office rental fee, for example--you would want your debt collectors to consider as valuable a speedy and prompt collection. When you first meet them in person, you will be able to determine how they value promptness based on their own punctuality for the meeting. When this factor is also valuable to your debt collector, you can be assured that they will do their best to make sure your debt gets collected within the agreed-upon date.

3. Professional, Individualized Treatment
A quick look at their methods will also show to you just how they prioritize you as client. The traditional way of collection usually makes use of sending out collection letters before a personal appearance at the door, but this will take time. If your needs are urgent, the company should be flexible and adept enough to employ other methods that would get the ball rolling. Other forms of communication they can employ to reach your delinquent clients are SMS and email messaging. When a company uses as many methods as possible just to get the debt resolved without having to go to court, you get the sense that they take your personal crisis as seriously as you do.


With so many debt-collecting agencies around, it is very easy to think that each company provides you with the same generic service and there really is no need to go through a comparison check. However, given that such a service can be pricey, it would be to your advantage to evaluate these agencies first before deciding to hire one of them. Go for the company that provides you with the best quality service for the fee they charge.